At Puzzle Projects we have no agenda, like pushing a particular product or solution, so there’s no conflict of interest. We do what’s good for our customers and what they want – not what’s good for us and what we want. That kind of third-party objectivity comes from a unique combination of Individual Expertise and Team Power that defines us.



Individual Expertise

Here’s what we did in the army –

  • Air Force Intelligence officers
  • Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Missile officers
  • Artillery officers
  • Artillery Special Forces
  • C4I and radar technicians
  • Infantry Special Forces
  • Mechanized infantry instructors
  • Naval aerial reconnaissance
  • Naval officers
  • Naval commandos (“SEALS”)
  • Sailors of all kinds
  • Simulator instructors
  • Tank instructors
  • Technicians of complex systems

– and these are the skills that we’ve acquired:

  • Communications
  • Computers and cloud-like networks
  • Electronic warfare (active and passive)
  • Fire control systems
  • Navigation/engine data systems
  • Radar/Sonar
  • SIGINT systems
  • Situational awareness and tactical picture systems and protocols
  • Submarine technologies
  • Surveillance and electro-optical devices
  • Weapon and missile systems

That’s a lot of smarts under one roof!

Team Power

When you work with Puzzle Projects, you’re not just working with the person sitting across from you, but with 60 professionals coming from a range of diverse backgrounds. Our culture is to start every day with a company-wide meeting in which the progress of every project is discussed and evaluated. In that way we increase our chances of coming up with the next bright idea by a factor of 60!

Statistically, combined knowledge has been found to be as good as, and often better than, the answer provided by any one single expert. At Puzzle, you benefit from the combined experience of every one of our staff members, including two Lt. Colonels (Res.) in the Israel Navy