Our extensive experience and knowhow in completing technological projects is relevant in the civilian industries. Puzzle is branching out to more and more fields, with the aim of bringing our services to a growing number of firms.

One such field is the Medical Devices market.

BioMedical Engineering (BME) is an emerging field that integrates clinical or “hospital” engineering with developers of medical devices. The “engineering” aspect often includes the optimization of organizational operations. BMEs have their own name for Operational Systems Engineering: Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSE). HSE approaches the healthcare industry and other factors affecting health as complex systems and applies engineering concepts and analysis principles accordingly. Due to its wide scale, often extending beyond established "engineering" disciplines, non-engineers play an increasingly important role in this cross-disciplinary endeavor. Other participating fields include public health, information technology, management studies and regulatory law.


Puzzle Projects adds value to companies already possessing Medical Device expertise with its proven ability to help design and support a highly complex project from beginning to end. In a constantly changing regulatory environment, spanning productions lines and a range of different fields, we adopt a holistic approach to managing your project so you can concentrate on what you do best – applying medical science to healthcare solutions.


Case Study: MST

MST (Medical Surgical Technologies) is commercializing an advanced laparoscope positioning and imaging system for minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.

MST's cost-effective, small-footprint system utilizes advanced proprietary video analytics to follow surgical instruments during the course of an operation in order to provide the surgeon with a highly stable image – and better control – throughout the procedure.


Puzzle Projects was not only involved with planning and building MST’s development lab but also in testing and operating the devices themselves.