Market Perspective

Israel’s mandatory army service is a great equalizer in bringing together young people from all five continents and from vastly different backgrounds; some right off the boat and some residing in the country for generations. At Puzzle Projects, we leverage that multicultural diversity by providing a unique operator perspective to the technology projects we’re involved with. We look at everything – and check it all out – like users, not like engineers. And in the successful launch and marketing of a technology product or service, that’s exactly what the doctor (PhD Engineering) ordered!

With strong roots in the armed forces, we first applied our knowhow and ingenuity to the Defense industries.

As a testimony to our unwavering commitment to excellence, we were awarded the Reserve Contributor Prize by Israel’s Ministry of Defense and became the Operational Systems Engineering provider of choice to an impressive list of Clients.

After meeting the exacting requirements of world-renowned companies and receiving ISO 9001 certification in 2008 for systems engineering, technical writing and training development and services, we turned our sites towards other Civilan markets segments known for their complex projects and exacting standards, such as Medical Devices.