Holistic Approach

The Chicago-based Advertising giant, Leo Burnett, once said, “My inventory goes down the elevator every night.” That pretty much sums up the assets of a service-based organization like Puzzle Projects. We call ourselves the Puzzle Pros, because we’re great at putting together all the pieces of complex technology projects creatively and efficiently. What sets us apart from all the other puzzle doers out there is a holistic approach that continuously considers all the pieces – in all their dimensions and complexity – in a constantly changing project lifecycle. We’re perfectionists with unrelenting attention to detail, hence our slogan, “Perfection is in the details”.

We come to the table with a Can-Do Attitude,  and a strong Will to Succeed,  

made possible by always thinking with the Right Side of the Brain.

Can-Do Attitude

As an Operational Systems Engineering company, we’re operations enthusiasts and content experts, not just a bunch of technical writers. At Puzzle Projects we’re mostly young people and gadgeteers – optimistic, highly motivated and anxious to prove ourselves – ready to give it our all. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done on time, within budget and to yourcomplete satisfaction. In Hebrew, this attitude is called Rosh Gadol (literally “Big Head”), which refers to seeing the big picture and going the extra mile. In English, it’s called thinking outside of the box. At Puzzle, we call it taking care of business.

Will to Succeed

Israel had more companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange than any country outside the United States, except for China. The will to succeed that is imbued in every schoolchild and then strengthened in every adolescent, typifies the thinking at Puzzle Projects. When it comes to solving the puzzle of your technology project along its entire lifecycle – from concept, R&D and documentation through testing, marketing and production – we have a “can do” attitude where “no” is not an answer. At Puzzle, making sure your project is a success is in our DNA.

Right Side of the Brain

Current research predicts that right-side-of-the-brain thinking will be in greater and greater demand in the high-tech companies of the future. That’s because it’s one thing to have an idea but another thing entirely to turn that idea into reality. Not only is creativity required to design and produce a product, it is especially important in presenting and selling it. That’s where we come in. At Puzzle, we’re all technologically oriented but not necessarily technical. That’s a fine line and a clear distinction that makes us unique among the Operational Systems Engineering alternatives out there. We’ve found that technology innovators are not looking for clones of themselves but rather for original thinkers to help them “make it happen”.