About Us

Puzzle Projects is a leading Operational Systems Engineering firm in the defense and civilian markets.

We help complete complex technology projects by putting together all the pieces of the puzzle, so you can stay focused on innovation.

Our recipe for success combines a fresh, open-minded, holistic approach with the objectivity of a third party, the perspective of an end user and the versatility of a hand-picked staff. We’re a one-stop shop for solving all the pieces of the puzzle. Our products include early-stage business development, testing and QA, integrated logistics support, technical writing and more.

Contact a puzzle pro at Office@puzzlepro.co.il to realize why perfection is in the details.

Established in 2002, Puzzle Projects is based in the beautiful port city of Haifa, Israel and today employs a staff of 6o. The company received ISO 9001 certification in 2008, for systems engineering, technical writing and training development and services, and the Reserve Contributor Prize by Israel’s Ministry of Defense in 2011.

If you don’t want to be puzzled by our confidence in getting your job done, check out our Management.

When it comes to the success of a complex technology project, perfection is in the details. To find out why, Contact Us.

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